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It will take a lot of interaction among patriotic citizens to devise the best possible methods to eliminate rampant paper terror in America. That's why it's important for you to participate in various types of dialogue on this issue, both on and off the web.

Unfortunately, your participation might attract unwanted invaders. The most common internet intrusions come in the form of spam, viruses, and spyware. Privacy should be a real concern for everyone. Stolen information can lead to big headaches. Spyware can track your keyboard strokes. Spam is a time wasting nuisance. Viruses can destroy your computer files.

Being a consumer oriented initiative; activities promoted by Citizen Control will be designed to minimize the chances of breeches of privacy with its book buyers, discussion groups and other contacts with the public. Contact names will not be freely distributed without your permission. If someone wants to advertise or send a message to you, we will give him or her some options that would serve to maintain the privacy of those who are involved with Citizen Control. These include use of the paper terror discussion group, advertising in the e-letter, or a posted request on the web. 

However, there's no way to guarantee perfect protection from the big eyes and big ears that make a career out of stealing personal information. 

To minimize your chances of being damaged by an unwanted digital thief, you should consider the following suggestions:  

Discussion Groups

Use nicknames and aliases to prevent your personal information from being misused on discussion groups.  Try to use computers in public libraries when you access discussion groups or send email. Don't post personal contact information on any discussion groups. Anything that you post could stay on the internet forever and will probably be indexed by search engines for eternity. When you set up a new computer system, don't type in personal information.  Instead, use an alias. When you surf the net, you might want to use a third party web service to remain anonymous - otherwise you will be permanently identitified as the requester of the URL addresses that you visit. 
Yahoo Discussion Group

The “Paper Terror” discussion group is hosted by Yahoo.  In addition, there is a blog that is hosted by Citizen Control. When you sign up, we suggest that you use an email address that is different from your personal email address.  Also, we suggest that you select the daily digest option on the Yahoo group so that you will only receive a maximum one email per day. If you select the individual option, you could find yourself receiving many emails each day. 

Hard Drives

Your email can probably be traced backed to the computer that sent it.  In addition, the hard drive on your computer might record all email that went through your computer, along with names of web sites that you have visited. Erasing your hard drive doesn't necessarily cause your information to permanently disappear. You might have to buy a special program to erase your drive. To completely eliminate any potential problems, you can use an erase program, format the drive, and then physically disassemble and destroy it. 


Before you sign up for any discussion groups, it would probably be best to obtain a special discussion email address that's separate from your personal email address. This will hide your personal email address from potential spammers. If your discussion email address attracts too much spam, you can always delete it and get a new discussion email address without affecting your personal address. If you use web-based email, such as Yahoo Mail, and use it at a library with an alias name, you can obtain some degree of privacy. If you access your email from a library, be sure to erase the cookies file from the public browser before leaving the library. In Internet Explorer, go to "options" to find the menu location needed to delete your internet activity files.

Many web based email addresses are free. To find one, use the keywords "free email" in a search engine.  There are other precautions that can be taken to hide your email but, for most normal situations, this should be enough.

Free E-letter

The operators of this web site don't have exclusive control over the discussion groups that we use because the web hosts are third party providers. However, if you sign up for the free e-letter, we will have some control over the list.  We will not sell your name to anyone and we will not voluntarily supply your email or personal information to anyone. However, we might sell or give away advertising that might be in included e-letters that we send you. At this time, we have decided not to send you more than one regular e-letter per month, plus an occasional emergency e-letter under special circumstances. Each e-letter will give instructions on how you can unsubscribe if you do not wish to continue receiving them.  If you still have a problem with unwanted email from Citizen Control, send us an email and we will look into to it.

The 3rd party server host that distributes our e-letter has promised us that they will use various security measures to assure that no one steals our list. With so many sticky hands on the net, however, perfect security is impossible.
For that reason, it's wise to use separate and temporary email addresses because, once information is entered into a database as previously discussed, there is a possibility that it will remain there throughout eternity.  Information has a way of duplicating itself an unlimited amount of times. It will probably multiply itself into an unlimited amount of spam lists that will stop unwanted information. These suggestions, along with our strong desire to protect the privacy of our subscribers and web visitors, should help you maintain your privacy in most situations.   

Supporting Citizen Control Anonymously

There may be people who want to spread the word about Citizen Control, paper terror, new legal system, and Survival of the Slickest, but who do not want to broadcast this involvement to the general public. We think that society will be better off if concerned Americans would make it known to the world that they don't like institutionalized paper terror. But it is understandable that some people may not want to be identified.  

 Some techniques that you can use to remain anonymous are described below.

Citizen Control does not solicit donations at this time.  The best way to support Citizen Control is to buy the book and tell others about it. The best way to support the movement is to read the book and follow some of its suggestions. Check to find a library that has the book.  Then go to the library and read it there without taking it out.  That is one way to remain anonymous. 


The book can be purchased for cash at a bookstore.  Or you can use a money order to buy the book from one of the web sources that sell it. 

One way to keep your name away from third parties that you want to influence is to buy several copies of the book and allow Citizen Control to choose where to send them. We send copies to lawmakers, teachers, media, and other opinion makers. This is the best way to keep your name off of any public lists of supporters. You can send us a blank money order, use a return address of a friend, or use a fake name to place an order and tell us where to send it.  If you wish to pursue any of these ideas, send us an email to advise us what you prefer and to ask us how to proceed.

Once again, it is the DUTY of every Citizen to protect his or her natural rights and the natural rights of their countrymen. It is also the DUTY of every Citizen to maintain his or her self- defense. So, there should be no reason to hide the desire for these basic rights.


Security Protection when Purchasing the Book

There are many sources for the book on the web and in retail stores. We may list various booksellers on this site from time to time. When you order Survival of the Slickest on the web, be sure to buy from a vendor that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Another way to protect the identity of your payment information is to use an expiring virtual credit card account number. Some banks supply these. Go to a search engine to try to locate one.

Intermediaries, such as Pay Pal, also offer a layer of protection.  For maximum privacy protection, you can send a friend to a bookstore to make a cash purchase on your behalf. If you have any concerns about privacy, in terms of supporting Citizen Control, send us email and we will try to help. If you have any privacy suggestions that we can add to this page, please let us know and we will consider posting it.   

Once again, it is the DUTY of every Citizen to protect his or her natural rights and the natural rights of their countrymen. It is also the DUTY of every Citizen to maintain his or her self- defense. So, there should be no reason to hide the desire for these basic rights.